Bringing Our Best To You

Every day hundreds of conferences, seminars, workshops and company events are held in the Australian, Asia/Pacific region, let alone in the USA. Generally these events have a variety of speaker requirements; your keynote, your after-dinner, one or two major speakers, workshop facilitators and a variety of subject experts and professionals. Some conferences can have up to 30 speakers appearing over two days. On top of the speaker you also have the emcee role.

We aim to provide you, as an event organiser, with leaders in their field of expertise who also excel as speakers, workshop facilitators, corporate trainers or MCs. To provide you with those totally professional speakers and MCs who enhance the experience of event attendees and business leaders and, importantly, you, the event organiser. We will operate in a collaborative manner that enhances the opportunity to all; to support you as best as we can in making your event one to be remembered….. for all the right reasons!

Colin Emerson

Conference & Event Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, MC & Charity Auctioneer

Colin Emerson is a leader, leadership and organisational development strategist and coach with over 35 years of leadership, business, government, banking, speaking, training and customer service experience. He holds an MBA, with a focus on leader development.

As a speaker, Colin has delivered over 1,000 seminars, speaking engagements and workshops for leading businesses, training institutions and local governments in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

He is author of ‘The Values Inspired Leader’ and ‘My Future To Live’ and ‘Be A Billion Dollar Entrepreneurial Leader’.  His fourth book, ‘Why Bastard Bosses Are Failures and How Not To Be One’ is in production.

Alan Hannaford

Conference and Keynote Speaker

Alan is the ‘real life’ Australian larrikin and is a uniquely Australian presenter who tells it as he sees it.  His many years of droving large mobs of cattle eastern Australia together with his life experiences, has given him an enviable supply of great stories. He is larger than life and leaves his audiences wanting more. Alan is one of the most amazing, inspiring and entertaining speakers you could ever ask for at your next conference. 

“Set Your True Grit Free” is the inspiring and challenging story of mental toughness and the insights gained in overcoming the ‘suicide disease’, Trigeminal neuralgia.

“There Is No Downside To Being Nice” keynote will have your audience laughing from start to finish – while leaving them with an important and impactful message.

Melinda Brennan

Conference & Event Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Melinda Brennan specialises in helping people people to think critically, to question what they hear and read, to consider their own biases and beliefs that are influencing their decision making.

Her background includes a career as a military intelligence analyst and linguist, and multiple leadership roles in both the public and private sector. 

Her experiences give her the ability to bring an audience to a higher level of understanding through a relaxed, informative, involving style which allows her depth of knowledge and expertise to show brilliantly.